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EER Limited
Managers and consultants in scrap tire recycling,
project planning, collections, marketing, insurance risk auditing
and environmental performance auditing.


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International & Independent: Scrap Tire Consultants

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Consulting services

Consulting services EER Limited provides a wide range of consulting services to clients and customers around the world, both private entities and public agencies.

These services include marketing studies, scrap tire market assessments and industry best practice reports.

EER Limited works with insurance companies assessing risks in their coverage of scrap tire collection, processing, recycling and recovery clients. EER Limited provides environmental performance audits for retailers, collectors and processors.

As a company opoerating independently within the global scrap tire industry, EER Limited provides unbiased assessments of the appropriateness of any particular processing technology to a processor's intended market segment, and recommends new equipment or equipment changes to make processing operations more commercially profitable, more environmentally acceptable, and safer to operate.

EER Limited does not provide financing to project developers or borrowers.

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